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Monday, February 2, 2009

MSI: "Effective" motherboard for Intel's Core i7

Now intel's Core i7 is the very fast processor compared to any AMD and other intel processors. The biggest problem is the price, i.e., It is very expensive.

"Gigabyte" is only the manufacturer to become the cheap motherboard ( under 200 euros) . Now MSI joins the Gigabyte family.

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According to MSI, there is a new board called "X58 Pro" but it has not major features. It has the capacity to install upto 24 GB DDR3-1600-SDRAM, 3 slots for Graphics card. In the press release, they told that only ATI Crossfire supports and not mentioned about Nvidias SLI. Additional equipments like SATA ports ( 3.0 Gbps ), HD audio ( 7.1 channel ), Gigabit LAN, available. According to MSI, the board is available for less than 200 euros in the coming days. The price is listed in the online retailer site for just 189.99$.

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Sellvis Useim Carn said...

Holy monkey nuts! A Gig card?
Kinda makes my dual 738 Geforces cower away in fear. however what are the practical applications for a card of that magnitude?! I mean, right now i can run the newest games at crazy resolutions with all the goodies turned up ( anti aliasing, v-sync) etc...

I guess if you're working with photoshop and the other adobe suite products you could justify that, or unless you just want to be ahead of the technology curve for a while :P

Great post!

Greetings from Brazil