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Friday, November 21, 2008

Intel Still Rules

Hypertransport is not AMD's architecture. The technology is used by AMD and Transmeta in x86 processors,

AMD is still paying license fees to Intel for using Intel's X86 architecture !! you know that !! :-?

Dont compare with Intel Core i7 and Deneb. Becase Deneb is going to release in Next year. So its not possible to get the exact performance of deneb (2008 news,, cant sasy, the engineering samples are not out yet..) The release is very near...2009 Feb... !!

Deneb 4.4 ghz ,(higher clocks) and core i7 2.4 Ghz !!

Big profits are coming from 4xxx series. (ATI) to our AMD !!

That is one P4 Northwood core processor.

Northwood core was introduced in January 2002.

Intel stopped L3 cache and Hyperthreading concept because the core then was not able to fully utilize these two.

Now, Nehalem has superb core, wider bus, lot of bandwidth, they had a chance to try L3 cache and Hyperthreading and it worked wonders. Hyperthreading is giving 30% increase in performance in 3d applications.

Intel still rules....


Only The probs is..... Money.... !!!